Sunday, 20 March 2016

Floor Plans

Finally received our floor plans back on 17th March!

A little disappointed with the floor plans as it's taken a long time, also alot of things missing. Looks like the Resort facade was not used here. Missing windows, door widths and heights. Entry Foyer is not raised. Will be sending the amendments back.

Resort Facade has:
  • 1200 door
  • window above door
  • Raised ceiling to 3.1 in Foyer
  • different size stacker stone
  • Different alfresco layout
  • Awning window next to front door

2 awning windows to be raised in the lounge room
Sliding door next to Patio to be 2.4 high

Not sure about having a 900mm bulk head for kitchen

The electrical plan is completely wrong.
No ducted aircon
Landscaping plan. 
  • We asked if we can have pebbles on the side/back of house.

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